Thomas Jollie

Thomas Jollie I’ve just posted an article about Thomas Jollie, one of the leaders of the the Congregational Churches in this area. He was expelled from the Church of England, was arrested, tried, imprisoned and threatened at gunpoint. Through all of this he remained faithful to his beliefs and principles and refused to stop preaching the gospel of Christ.

We should not be blind to his faults: he took a grim pleasure in the misfortunes of those who persecuted him, seeing it as divine retribution for their sins. He appears to have been deceived by the Surey Demoniac, Richard Dugdale, in later life, as he continued to find spiritual darkness around him.

But for me, one of the interesting strengths of the man was his willingness to work with other ministers of the gospel. He was a networker centuries before the word was first used. He was willing to compromise with others providing he still remained true to his core convictions. He maintained those core principles throughout his life, despite personal tragedies, persecution and hardship.


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