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Revd Andy Froud is the Vicar of St Mary Magdalene Clitheroe and the Priest in Charge of St Leonard’s Downham and Christ Church Chatburn. He is currently on sabbatical studying the roots of seventeenth century religious radicalism in the in the North-west of England.


2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Andy,
    I am writing as the organiser of the Farnhill and Kildwick Local History Group.
    I expect the name Kildwick will be known to you as the parish church that played host to a succession of radical churchmen in the period leading up to the Civil War; including Wilson, Brierley and Webster. I wonder if you can offer any insignt into why this parish in particular should have become such a hot-bed; it seems to have been a magnet for radicals – or am I just over-interpreting the few incontravertible facts ?

    With best regards
    Graham Taylor

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    • Thanks for getting in touch, Graham. It is a fascinating question: what was the relationship between the individual leaders and the congregations views?Perhaps like the chicken and the egg we may never know which came first and I suspect that one fed off the other. Kildwick of course was a good distance from ecclesiastical authority but so were other places with less radical pedigree. I suspect that you are right, that it was a “magnet”, certainly for Brierley and Webster: their preaching in turn would have cemented its reputation as a “hot” parish to which people would travel some distance. I’ve just been reading David Como’s book Blown By the Spirit – he makes a connection between Brierley and the Currer family who owned the Manor at Kildwick and his suggestion is that their patronage was an important influence on the parish. Would that make any sense to you think?

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